I have worked with Suad at 101 keys for several years and on a number of different projects and have found him thorough in the implementation and follow through of every aspect. The overall development, programming strategies and attention to detail has contributed significantly to each assignment. Suad’s coding, SEO and optimization is excellent and his solutions to challenges are always on-point. A team player and easy to work with when we collaborate, I am equally confident when he works independently to bring his unique part of a job together. I can highly recommend his work and his integrity.
Catharine Barker, National Graphics
For the past seven years, 101 Keys have been our primary website designer and programmer. Suad Sarajlic has successfully launched six specialized shopping cart sites for my company and the performance, reliability and financial success of each one has exceeded our expectations. I personally have enjoyed working with 101 Keys and have already recommended them to some of my business associates.
John Nickleford, JC Accuforms Inc.

101 keys (Suad) has been helping me with my business for several years. I have been in business for 38 years, but with changing technologies and new methods of attracting the attention of new patients I am always assured that Suad is up to date with the latest advancements. He is easy to deal with, responsive to my needs, quick to work on things that need to get done quickly, and I am very pleased with our working relationship.

Dr. Allan Horowitz, Dr. Allan Horowitz & Associates

I have had the pleasure of working with Suad, for a few years now, after we contracted with him to build a client payment database for our organization. The project was completed on schedule and Suad was very helpful in both the training and implementation phase of the installation. Even more importantly, Suad’s ongoing support has been excellent. He is quick to respond to our requests for edits/upgrades and always delivers these requests in a timely manner.

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Neil Driscoll, The Speech and Stuttering Institute
I have been working with Suad for several years now. He has been instrumental in helping us with everything from web design to product packaging designs. Our products are sold in retail around Canada. It is very important that our packaging looks sharp and is well designed to catch both the buyer’s and end users attention. We will often provide Suad with nothing more than a few bullet points and a very rough design concept and allow him full creative license to come up with a design. After a few tweaks and some fine tuning, we end with rich, eye catching packaging. Working with Suad makes this part of the process much easier as he is well versed in our product offering and is able to easy build on that existing portfolio of designs.
Aymée Miceli, Ultra Cool
Earlier this year, our brokerage undertook the aggressive project of a complete website overhaul featuring an integrated virtual office listing service. We chose 101 keys because of their full service approach, and experience in working with complex sites with heavy database requirements. 101 keys was able to provide tremendous knowledge and expertise in setting up the entire back end and database architecture of the site, while ensuring the front end was professionally designed, modern, responsive, easy to use and simple for our site visitors.

Since our new site has launched, we have increased our conversion rate and site traffic, and ultimately driving more business. We have been extremely happy with our service from 101 Keys and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking website design and development services.

Aaron Kroll, Kroll Real Estate Ltd.
Outstanding final product and technical skills. I wanted to design a new website for my business but it was a daunting task and I didn’t know where to start so I hired Suad (101 Keys). He quickly and effortlessly understood exactly what I wished my website to look like, he listened to me and brought to life the image I had in my head. Working with Suad was such a pleasure, to say that he handed everything efficiently, on time and at a great price would be understating how AWESOME the experience was. Suad exceeded my expectation on all fronts, I would highly recommend him.
Tracey Hoffeldt, Believe Dance Competitions Inc.

I have been lucky enough to have worked with Suad on 3 website builds now. He is a full stack developer and is a jack of all trades. There is no complex set of tasks I can throw at him that he doesn’t have an answer for or can’t build out. He is always quick to answer or troubleshoot and is always happy to jump on a call to chat. Very good contact to have in an industry where most people build an inferior buggy product and then dodge your calls when it stops working. Suad is a gem.

Josh Horowitz, Sell My Stuff Canada
Suad truly goes the extra mile to understand your project and what the challenges are. He is very knowledgeable and helped me find simple, creative and effective solutions that allowed me to create the site and functionalities I envisioned for my project.
Carla Rojas, artifier.net

101 Keys created our website quickly and understood our online requests. They are great to work with in terms of providing support and our customization needs. We continue to use 101Keys because of their knowledgeable and timely support.

Rocco & Paola Anzaldi, Lakeshore Living
Nice Design, great service, good value!

We wanted to have a new look of our English website when we arrived in Ontario in 2016. 101Keys gave us interesting design ideas and took care of us from concept to delivery. Suad has been honest, delivered on time and most importantly, he is available when we need him. I totally recommend Suad & 101Keys for your new website or for your online services.

Philippe Mercure, OptiTest
My brother and I wanted to revamp our old website and needed to add sales of new products we were offering. We hired Suad and right from the start, we were impressed with his level of professionalism and experience in the web development industry. We are beyond pleased with the end result. Easy to navigate and looks so crisp. He will be our web guy forever. I couldn’t be happier with the end product and would recommend Suad’s services to anyone.
Kyle and Graeme Gentle, Primal Performance
I have worked with Suad for over 10 years, he is very approachable, great communication and has been servicing our accounts for a long time. I recommend him to anybody looking for exceptional work.
Richard Emmanuel, Piper Studio
I would like to express my sincere thanks to Suad and his team for designing and developing our new website. Suads ability to listen to my unique needs and pay attention to specific details resulted in a website made just the way I wanted.
Victor Dirro, Global Connect Systems Inc.
101 Keys has provided tremendous value to us, and has been on a long term trusted business partner spanning several projects and various project types. Suad has always been responsive, time-conscious, and diligent in developing quality solutions for us that fit within our budget and scope. Their ability to be a one stop shop for our database needs, web development and online marketing requirements has proven to be highly valuable our business needs. We look forward with working with 101 Keys in the near future as well as in the years to come.
Elise & Aaron, ELM Developments

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